Sunday, 10 October 2010

Over a cup of coffee meaning

When I thought of writing blog I wondered what should be the title? Something I wanna be or something I have been doing. Should I turn geeky and write about the ever changing technology, it's achievement. Here I was contemplating my thoughts over a cup of coffee. Then I thought what could be better than just to write about what I am doing right now, other topics can wait for while.

It's wonderful Sunday afternoon, looks like it would rain anytime. This leaves me with an excuse to stay indoor, sip my coffee and read a book with a soothing music being played in background. I have to be early to office tomorrow but who cares? I have complete day to my own.

What does 'Over a cup of Coffee' mean. It just came into my mind while I created this blog, now I am curious of its origin, but even googling hasn't quenched my craving. Is it a new idiom that has evolved due to our coffee drinking habit? Or does it mean more than that? The reason of this punch line being so popular is that it gives freedom of being expressive about any topic with any of your friends. You can read / blabber fiction, non-fiction, world affair over a cup of coffee. You can do ‘just nothing’ over a cup of coffee. It opens immense possibilities.

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