Saturday, 9 October 2010

why I read Twilight?

aah, could the story would have been better for me? Yes, if I could swap place with Bella Swan.

I have had been reading couple, if not lots of vampire books and so far I can say that the way bella-edward story hooked me to the book was amazing.

I read this book after watching the movie, quite unlike of me. Some of my friends had suggested me to watch the movie but I refrained dreading bloodshed. One fine day when I couldn’t think of anything to do,I decided to watch the movie. And I wasn't satisfied with the content... As a voracious reader I know there's more to a story then what can be captured on big screen in 2 hours.

A week later, I was rushing through book section in ASDA. I was in luck and found all four books (Twlight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) .

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